27 February 2009

ampun maaf dipinta..

i dedicate
this post to all my family, teachers and fwens..

last night im having a dream of us (dak kisas) being in d
a dewan besar or also known as dewan muttaqin muthaqqafin *as told by azim...
still echoing in my mind that puan haznah was giving a speech..
and da words were like these.."pada tahun lepas KISAS berada di tangga 1,2,3 dalam sbp.."
oohh..i just cant get it out of my mind..
i dont know why..
not to mention meeting da twin (nabilah n nabihah too)..
they came to my house..somehow, they chat wif me too..and its seem so real.

huh..i dont know..

but then, i was thinking this again n again n again..
i want to say "I'M SORRY" to all..

to da greatest family of all..
umi n ayah..
hanif, hilmi, huda, hani, hannan, hulwa..

im always grateful of having a great family..
somehow i will always be a troublesome..
but juz to let u know..
i will neva giv up being an anak solehah n kakak yg baek..
i will try my best till da last breath..
i luv all of u..n always pray for me..
pliz forgive my stupidity n mistakes that i've done..
again n again n again..
may allah bless us all forever


to all dedicated teachers n staffs..
Tadika Umi Walidah..
u taught me to read, count, n tipz on how to live usefully..
patiently teaching me..
there is no wrds 4 me to describe..
pliz forgive me n pray 4 ur students' success..
may allah bless all of u..


to all my luvely fwens mslmn Boyn mslmt Girl 1....

before its too late for me.. i wud luv to ask for ur apologies..yeahh.. i really mean it..and i dedicate this to all..kisasians o smartians o irsyadians o my bloggers fwenz plus anybody who recognize me..through these unforgettable years that we've spent together..i know that im such a lousy fwenThumbs Down..
and i know sometimes n somehow i am so irritatingFrown t
o all of u..

xspecially those who had been my classmates..
ey knew really-really-know..
who am i..
click me ..

always sneezing n disturbing evrybody..

im sorry..
and i wud love to dedicate my appreciationsRaining Hearts to all for always-always being such nice-great fwens to me..
tanx for teaching n showing me my mistakes and neva giv up to tell me da truth..eventhough its hurt me n made me cried Teary.. i really appreciate that..seriously..and
its truly useful enough for me to proceed my life wif experiences and maturity..insya allah, i'll always remember..

before this i had noI Dunno idea why they're keep saying bout ukhwah fillah..but now i know..when we kept thinking Ponderand appreciating including missing each other..plus, when da fwen reminding us to our almighty and get closer to him, i guess thats describe what ukhwah fillah mean..but, hey..everybody hav their own thoughts bout fwenship rite??

babbling enough i think..tanx 4 reading.,and do remember.. i am really-really-really serious about da apology thingy..pliz forgiv me k..and halalkn mknChicken Wings minomSoda Cup too
(dunno how to say in eng)..
and i warn u to neva eva forget me ..

or else..
hu3..juz kiddin..

here are da lists of..

my luvly sooul mates..
hajar n i

alia, adila, mua

hamizah n me

hajar, fatimah, khairunnabilah, adilah, alia, hamizah z(mua cousin)
we had started not knowing each other..
and we didnt plan it to be like this..
but through obstacles n hard time of my life..u'll always show da way..
and through happiness n secrtess..we'll share together..
tanx accepting me..
da real me..
for who i am..

my dormmates for life (dfl) dearies for life
amira, alia, nik laila, farah, huda, wana, insyirah, fatimah, mahirah, ain, liyana, haida-dada, sharifah rodziah, syazwani, adila, akma yana, siti juwairyah, farahin-pain, nadhirah, ainina..
i wil neva-eva-eva forgett all of u..
tanx 4 avrything!!
yeahh..those sweet moments we shared together in huda's house da fighting2..da crying2 together..
made me even mature..
im soooo sorry for being a terrible k-d..
luv all till da end~

my luvly classmates..403 n 503
all mslmn 503+mslmn 403..
atiqah, syara, mija, isma, farihah, sabrina, ct zulaiha, saadiah, rifhannisa, syurah, aisyah, wana, khairunnabilah, nazierah, hawa, wina, mahirah, rabihah, imtinan..
wud be da wildest class in kisas..
my classmates were soo speciall..
ive learned many things from them too..
yeahh..they know who i am in da class..
da sneezy thingy..
sorry bout that..
tanx for evrything too..
pliz forgive all my silly mistakes

to all mslmt kisas

xspecially to prefects board, khalidians..
i am not a good prefect n many times made mistakes..
neither a good fwen too..
but all of u had taught me da real ukhwah fillah..
may our fwenship lasts forever..n forgive me for all my mistakes..

beloved partner, adek n akk usrah..
kak fatihah jumidi, siti faridah (p), sabariah, sarah n dayah~
da spices that add goodness in life..
having all of u give me a chance to become better..

pani n husna..hu3..eng class in uia was soo memorable
all of u simply da best laa~
not forgetting hajar,
amir, asyraf, firdaus, harith, shahmi, ashiq
madam hayati..
till we meet again~

to all mslmn kisas..
eventhough i do not recognize all of u..vice versa..not many of u noe me..but then, i do made a lot of mistakes to all of u.. all da misunderstood, quarelled that mayb ocurred was so precious..
tanx n forgive me..

to all smartians..
smart taught me alia n adila on how to survive in da real world..
we r lucky for having da great 3 years there..
classmates in 1d,2d,3g..
especially aliah, fatin n, ahla, fatin s, syepah, sab, huda, saiyodah sara, nabilah, fatienah, shakirah, atiyah, azierah, n all da boys
really great knowing all of u..
forgive me too..

to irsyadians..
we were soo young b4 this..
but i hope..we'll neva forget each other..

tank-q for reading..
may our ukhwah n mahabbah lasts for ever..
n may allah bless us all..
and i pray to allah for rahmah n maghfirah showering us all..
luv all..Morphing Heart


p/s: neva stop praying for others too..may success be wif us fiddunya wal akhiroh..insya allah..

25 February 2009

hati kita~

dipetik drpd mjlh SOLUSI-isu no4
Beating Heart

buat renungan bersama
Valentine mechanical
kata Imam Ghazali: "Carilah hatimu sewaktu membaca al Quran. Jika kamu tidak temui, carilah hatimu ketika mengerjakan solat. Jika kamu tidak temui, carilah hatimu ketika duduk bertafakur mengingati mati. Jika kamu tidak temui jua, berdoalah kepada Allah, pinta hati yang baru..."


jangan berlengah lagi..

salam buat semua..
mari klik di sini utk terus ke..

Laman Web Rasmi Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi

atau klik terus di sini..

Laman Web Rasmi Kemasukan Ke Ipta

mulakan dengan bismillah..
isilah dengan bijaksana dan berhati-hati.
(skema sggh!)

23 February 2009

trip to visit elephante


rise n shine to all..

Yesterday was a tiring yet a great day to me. Hulwa's kindergarten, Tunas Pintar held a trip to Kuala Gandah, Lancang. My mother would never let her to go alone, so, as an eldest-got nothing to do sister, i accompanied her. We went there by bus. Ohh, forgot to mention that we're in Group 6, da pinky one. Pinky?? yeahh, we had to wear a 'bracelet' kinda. Juz for da safety causes.

inside da bus..
We went there on 9am sharp and arrived Lancang for about 3 hours. Along da way to Lancang, it took us several times to stop, you know kids. When they had to 'go'. They had to go!. Hu3. When we arrived, everybody had to wear a sticker on their shirts just as an initial. It was something like this.

Blurr haa?? Still shocked maybe.

The kids were totally excited!. Kids were always being active. Their natural habits. My sister got excited too. But her face did'nt show it all. She's being bluring. I dont know, maybe she felt weird as she was with me instead of being with my mother and our family. Hu3. I dont mind, as it was all a part of learning for a kid.

One thing about Hulwa that no one in my family had when we're on her age, she got the chances to visit many exciting places on her age. What a lucky kid. She's the odd, special odd in da siblings. Everybody was 2 years apart but she was 4 years apart after Hannan. Ok, back to real thing. Kuala Gandah was deep in the jungle. One of the attraction in Pahang. There we're so many people there, weekend,no doubt la. So, the excitements where we got to feed da elephants by ourself. Da best part was, Hulwa was the bravest kid at there you know. She forced me to go near to the elephants.

Even i was quite afraid to go near but still she dragged me to the baby elephants. So, to make it more interesting for her. i bought tebu at the small stall near to us. The elephants ate tebu?? yup, but they had to step on it first cause it was hard to eat.tebu for rm2

after finishing da tebu, so, we bought bananas for real. Hulwa eagerly wanted to touch and fed them. Compare to tebu and nuts bananas were easier to give.

bananas for rm4

then,we bought some nuts for rm2.70But TRUST me it was so hard for me to let the trunk to suck in the nuts through my bare hand. wooo~ no way. Juz imagine da slimy-wet-long trunk with two hole wanted to suck in food from your bare hand. I juz couldnt dare enough to do so. Maybe only the men, coz all the ladies there wont do it. Not enough courage kot.

Then we visited the bapak elephant.

After that, we had a lunch together with da teachers n all the kids. Nasi Lemak Ayam n tea. HU3. Coincidently, juz da same food as umi brought for lunch. Nyum.

After lunch, there were some shows from da elephants. Watching them took their bath in the river near to us.

Then, we packed all things together and we headed back home.But we have'nt solat zohor yet. I wanted to ask for it, then, they said we'll stop at Temerloh for solat. Inside the bus, we sat beside husna, sweet girl. We shared foods untill they slept of tired. I slept too.

In Temerloh, i rushed down to solat quickly just because i did'nt to wake Hulwa from her sleep. Surprisingly, she still slept when i came back. Hu3. Its alrite. Then, we watched a horror movie, BERANAK DALAM KUBUR an indonesian movie untill we reached kuantan. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly.

That's all from me. Hopefully, i could spent more quality time with my family.
It was just irresistable.
May allah bless us all.

17 February 2009

masakan 2 dlm 1


dlm stiap ap2 jua prkr yg kita lakukn perlukan keberanian...termasoklah dlm bab2 masakmemasak nih..

jd saya nk kongsi satu resipi yg baru dicipta sendiri tyme lunch td..

hari ni..belek2 rr buk resepi cr lauk2 yg senang...terjumpa lah ikan msk percik yg nmpk menyelerekan...

tp ikan xde..
jd...alternatif laen adlh dgn menukarkan ikan tersebut dgn telur ayam...ayam pon bole gak..
pastikn goreng dolu siap2..
pastu, ketepikan..

bhn2 nyew sgt2 lah mudah...
bwng merah n bwng putih n serai 2 utk diblenderkan..
asam keping 1@2
cili kering
telur utk dgoreng

first of all, sy pom blenderkn lah bebawang tersebut brsm2 serai..
dah panaskan santan nih...
pastuh, msukkn la bhn yg tlh dilumatkan tuh+asam keping...
kaco n kaco n kaco
sy pom..tggu lah smpi mendidih kuah tuh..
yg pelikny..kaler dy x warne merah o oren o seagkatan dgnny..
sy rujok kembali buk itu..


xletak cili kering...!
aiseyhh...td mmg da cr kt kedai pom tp xjmp..
dah masak sme lpe plak xde cili kering..
patotny masokkan cili kering yg da dblender brsm2 santan td..

dgn brani ny... (keberanian dperlukn ea!!)
sy memasukkn serbuk cili ke dlm kuah yg panas itu..
sket jew taw..berpada-pada
akhirny..dy bertuka warna..
tp..ternyata x menjadi resepi percik tuh..
yg jd adlh telur goreng masak lemak berperisa serai..

nmpk x??
tanpa cili kering yg diblender utk dmasukkn kedalam santan dan bebawang n serai...maka xterjadilah percik..yg jd adlh kuah lemak..
sedap jugakk..

bersama cili kering...bru la jd kuah percik...

masa nk hidang...ayah plak kate...
"wahh,akk masak kari lah!"
alamakkk...plak dah...
tp ble mkn xdela plak rs kari..
umi plak kata sedap..
"akk msk da sedap tp x cukup garam"
adeyhh..amek la kicap..masin la sket..
pastuh pegi la panaskn balek kuah dgn tmbh garam..

itulah ea,,incik2 n cik2 cara2 memasak 2 in 1..
bhn2 bergantung kpd saiz kuarge..
jngn plak lupe mskkn garam n gula secukupny..
jngn terlebey nnt xsedap..
jgn terkurang nnt tawar lah plak..

itu shj
perkongsian kl ini..
slamat mencuba..

16 February 2009

eng class in uia~

salam to all..(eng class 16/2)

in this post let me share my 30 hours of my life during this holiday for English class…I never went to british council, but I went to uia..

This is where we learn…one of da room in kuliyyah medicine…

Facilities provided…air condition room full with computer, projector, white board n of course…chairs n tables…

today I would love to share about english class in UIA…insya allah u’ll get a rough idea on what have we got in this class…

Huhu…rm500 for 40 hours of learning…a bag provided with a tag, a file, a pen n a book

(exc pendrive la…!)

at last I can write something bout our English class…our??...yup, I went to the English class together with farhani n husna n husna…???…husna dahari too…

just because I missed da first day n there were 2 husna in our class…they called me as NURUL…yup, quite odd rite??? But then,, I still don’t get use to that name…well…at least someone called me with my first name…LOL

recognize them??

So…what have we done in the class haa?? We’ve been learning by singing, listening, wandering n many more…the most respectful person in our class would be madam norhayati…she was a Singaporean but stayed in Malaysia since studying in secondary school

She was totally nice n cool…she would never mad at us even though we didn’t bring our file, we didn’t finished our assignment, huhu what a nice woman…she brought us to wander in Kuantan Parade with tea ice n roti telur…fuhhh…not to mention when she brought us lepak-lepak in restaurant in front of the uia n treat us with French fries…huhuhu…while learning of course…

The best thing of her to me was that she learned KARATE too…! Dilah n aliah,, she’s a black belt senior in shitoriu (I guess its correct)…and have been training the national school athletes…cool haa??!!...well…I did mentioned of ours in gitokukai…

Enough with karate…in our class…there were only 10 students…4 girls n 6 boys…for today…there were only three of us n another 4 boys…asyraf,amir,firdaus,harith…

da boys,,(ntahpape)

ashiq n shahmi didn’t show up today…dunno why…hajar too…

so today…we did some test on what grade reader are you…did u know that its better for us to take the test before we proceed in our reading…

it will help us to know better which grade reader are you..

after that, we proceed with some presentation…in this class, we have given several tasks…since da first time we entered these are lists on what we should do…

I. Everybody must at least have a book…english book la…

II. Everybody should find a song,, n provide the lyrics to everybody with blankos..

III. Everybody will have to prepare 2 presentation… one on da book review n another one on a free topic..

IV. Lastly, we’ll have a test.

V. Then, we’ll have to make a show in the certificate giving ceremony…

I’ve done da book review…n this Wednesday its going to be da free topic…

dunno yet what to choose…

Firdaus with his presentation on “handphone”…

Well…I think that’s all about me n

my eng class for now..


1 more thing…

This 27 feb there will be a certificate ceremony..

All of us are going to present a song in front of everybody

that have joined courses held by uia

Guess what...'we will not go down’ would be da song…

Fuhhhh,,,dunno how ‘re we going to present…any idea guys???

Till then..daa~..