17 January 2010

لما نستشهد :: Bila Kita Syahid

 Bismillahi as-salaatu was-salaamu a'la Rasoolillah

Mari dengarkan suara lunak kanak-kanak Palestin yang dambakan syahid buat mereka. Moga mati dalam iman dan syahid milik kita semua.
Nasyid Toyour Jannah.
نشيد طيور الجنة
Hasil terjemahan Unit Bahasa Arab JKK Pembangunan Minda & Kendiri [PMK] PERMAI.

10 January 2010

kita menjadi perhatian

 Bismillahi as-salaatu was-salaamu a'la Rasoolillah

Malaysia menjadi tajuk berita utama di Aljazeera.net.
Masyarakat dunia turut memerhatikan kita.

p/s: Islam bukanlah agama yang mengajak kepada keganasan malah agama yang mengajar kedamaian

07 January 2010

Our Obligation and Responsible

 Bismillahi as-salaatu was-salaamu a'la Rasoolillah

Hamdulillah, praise be to Allah for all his bless and guidance to us.

Hamdulillah, Today we have just finished our final exam. Its been quite a some time for me not to speak and write in English, so pardon me for my mistakes.

Since the first day we arrived, our status have actually changed from a Malaysian students to an International students. Me myself didn't realised about it until we had our test today. The test was held by a Moroccan lecturer, Madam Majdoubi with five foreign students which were three Malaysians and two Turkish . Eventhough we have never entered any English class here, we have to sit the test. This is because we have no basics in French and since English is our second language after Bahasa Malaysia, so, we have given this opportunity to do so.

Currently this phrases keep playing in my mind.
"Husna, your English language is decaying day by day"

Am I correct? :)

The story begin when my friends, Asiah and Zainab were very eager to make friend with some Madagascar students as their face was like Malay's face. So, I went there and become the so called translator for them as I know a little bit on how to communicate in English.