27 September 2010

Though being alone is tough..

Bismillahi as-salaatu was-salaamu a'la Rasoolillah

Monday, 27 September, 2010.

Hello everybody!
Its kinda chilly right now in Mohammedia. The rain dropped and the temperature has also dropped really fast. Nearly from 30 degree to 20. Nevertheless, it was a great weekend I had last week. Guess what?. Allah sent me two beautiful angels that keeping me accompanied the whole weekend all the way from Casablanca. We had dajaj kamil, mee kari ayam and kuskus khudor. Oh My Lord. I nearly cried when they departed. Being lonely is not an easy task for me. Seriously. I keep repeating myself to them that I will never eat well just like the time we spent together. ;(
Though they said when d going gets tough,d tough get going.
I know its the childish of myself right? But this selfishness of me wanting them to stay will make me a human once more. Literally.

They have started their kuliah today. While we dont.

I am always searching and praying for the strength but I guess it will works even better when I am not alone.

The strengths that we gain by the people around us just like a motivation that will make us step forward confidently without worrying about falling, cause we know that there will be somebody that is going to help us. Basically, we have the courage to do anything.

Independent. I thought I have successfully grabbed that once I have been to the French Class last month all the way alone by myself. But it hurts me the other way round. Till I dropped the last classes. I apologized to umi ayah for not being able to complete the task that me myself want to run for.

Somehow, I realized that sooner or later I will have to face this loneliness again in the future. I just cant repeat being pessimist in everything.

Look at the shine side of the darkness of lonesome.

Being alone will not make yourself weaker. While this is the best time for yourself to recheck and re-motivate yourself.
Just keep moving forward! quoted from Meet the Robinson's :)


Sebenarnya kita tidak pernah bersendiri. Setiap saat amalan kita dicatat oleh malaikat, bekal untuk pulang ke pangkuan pencipta. Jangan biarkan diri terus sedih, Allah sentiasa berada di sisi kita. Moga bersendirian kita memberi manfaat, berseorang kita menambah iman dan amalan kebaikan. Bersujudlah, berzikirlah, moga ketenangan menjadi milik kita. InsyaAllah.

How did I spent my summer?

First and foremost, we can use this time wisely by adding-up / top-up amalan when we being alone. We cant let the bad horrible Mr S shaking our heart and let the sadness covering our feeling. Hey, when Allah is with us, what else do we need rite? When he left us abandoned, by that time we should be very scared. There are lots more I'm lacking in me, I am working my best being one and always be, inchaAllah.

Secondly, you should spent this time by contacting your lovely family and friends. :D this will works the best too, trust me! I have done it.. I cant stop being exaggerating much when calling the precious ones. I always start screaming out myself at first and sharing bout everything from A to Z. None of what I have done left untold.

What else we can do?

You can always just jot down the plan for future's time. Either the long term activities or the short term activities. Simple right? Why dont you try one.

How about finding a skill to be kick. Any type of skill would do. From the language, or aas simple as trying out a new recipe to be shared. Is'nt it great when we can show off a lil bit of our skill when our friends comeback from their holiday? hehe. Slightly show off is okay, but dont overacting it. Its not good kay.

In case you just cant take any pressure for any longer. You must go out and visit the others. Communicating. It is important. Its crucial. If not, you'll barely lost yourself. Dont think about the money too much. By dropping a visit to your friend's house is not a wasteful thing to do. Definitely not at all. At least, you could strengthen up the bond of friendship in you and your friends.

Easy for one to say, but it just got heavier for one to do.
May Allah Bless All Of You.


choco_taurusz said...

hmm.. nice summer i guess... but i'm not in the precious list to be called isnt it??? haha.. GOTCHA!!