05 May 2009


while posting this..
i dont know whether alia and adilah had done theirs or not..
its quite sometime since the last visit..

yesterday, monday..
i went out with sara the sbpi pekan's tku and ain..
we went to yayasan pahang to take the reward..
to claim rm500~
cant wait to receive that white envelope with money-money inside..
cash maa..

sunday, a day with my beloved alia, adilah and azza..
alia drove her car way from her house to mine in Sg. Isap..
just like a dream jek..
i really amazed somehow..
ea la kan..
im the only person in the car that do not own liscence "yet"..
insya allah~
sooner or later..

then went to fetch adilah plak..
here the part of first-time isi minyak by the driver..
sampai 3org keluar kereta..
azza was paying, alia was studying, and husna was tutoring..
along with azza..
rm20 je pon..

fetching-fetching adilah at kubang buaya..
luckily we didnt approach to the wrong house..
coz we nearly tried to greet the wrong person..

straight away to tc..
what's tc???
some promotion..
dear friends out there..
tc stand for teluk chempedak..
one of the interesting place in pahang..
cant say in kuantan..
interesting places in pahang bersepah..
and not exactly on one place like malacca..

why am i telling u guys these?? da tahu pon kan..

here some pics of us..
along the beach, in a sunny day..
quite a lot of families there..
oh yeah..
we made a love~
inside there our names and future-to-be
wanna see closer look of mine??

then, we strolled around the other side of the beach..
the rocky side..
its a great place to go..
all this time..
i never been to this rocky place..
at last..
i went there with these ladies..
its a beautiful sightseeing..

but then, during night its advisable not to go lah..
b**** + mat r***** partying there..
so many bikes you can see..
mcm jualan motor besar-besaran..
doing what???
you all can guess already..

then, went to kp..
shopping tyme~
this 23rd would be the last day to shop rite?
so, adilah and i shopped something..
azza and alia wander-wander with joy..~
snap-snap here and there..

eating time..nasi ayam, ais jagung, abc n cendol for all of us~
really quench the thirst n hunger after a day in the beach..

and balik!
somehow we figured out something..
adilah got usim..
me and alia got uia..
the campuses would be in nilai~
insya allah..
if we going to stay locally..
we'll meet each other!
fate bring us together..
ukhwah fillah..
will always bring us together..
love them so much!

who knows..

till then..


Anonymous said...

bez gileee.

~Ms. Iva~ said...


aku post dulu.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

aku post gak..
Tapi no pic da..

Nanti gi YP aprove duit sesama jom..

serunaiklang_91 said...

wah bestnyer jalan2..dapat duit lagi..huhu=)

syara said...

sampe hati x ajak aku.haha.feelin~.

syara said...

wel..hmm.u l00k matured.ehem2.

Anonymous said...

Just realised something..
Am I that tall???

careirra said...