29 October 2009

the reality of life


Humans have feelings. Lots of feeling. And its indescribable.

I have a friend and she's sick right now. She is really sick with the fact that some of us do not want to understand others. Well, at least you can do is trying to understand others problem. Is it too much to ask.

She is quite depressed right now. Lately, she met a lot of new friends that she has never met before. Despite of having great time making some taaruf her colourful spirit has been bleached down by some of the new unsupportive persons.

Just because she's doing a different thing from them.

Not a harmful different but it just cant be accepted by those people. She told me that they love to spread bad things about something that they even not sure is it right or wrong. She's being forced to imagine only the hardship and failures are waiting in front of her. Those who love to see others being disappointed, scared or precisely mean love to see others failure. So what if they are slightly different from you. We are working on the same track but with different rhythm.

It doesn't mean that others should follow you, just because that you think that you are right. And when that person face some failures and then, you would proudly say, I've told you before right?.

MashaAllah. How on earth that we are going to become the best ummah if the reality is we are not being supportive to our brothers and sisters.

Is it because we are Malay ?. Famous quotes saying that Malay people is full of hatred and envious of seeing others being good or being slightly different from you. Obviously, no. Just they are people that acting like that, and this is the reality.

Wake up please!

Because some of us are still deeply dreaming. Only to that some of us.

We should get up and throw ourselves out of the comfort zone. Stop pampering yourself and take some challenge in front of you. Till when we should wait and have ourselves spoon fed by others?. Till when do we have to cover ourselves with the shadow of cormfort by not taking the light of risk?.

"alahh.. its okay what.."

"i 'm afraid that i cant do it lah.."


Cant we just be like our p.b.u.h Prophet? Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.

He bravely took every challenge in front of him. And he never being unsupportive to sahabat when they were down. Yet, he kept giving them advises, and full support. Well, clearly that he would never say something like, "Oh, you shouldn't do that, because you will never make it, it is so hard until nobody can do it!".

Currently, my dear friend is suffering mentally fatigue. Alhamdulillah. It is still in stage 1. But, she still doesn't have any idea on what type of people that she's going to face in the future. What she can do now, is pray and hope for the best.

My dear friends out there, it would be nice if we lend a hand and share other's burden with us. Maybe we are not strong enough to hold for it. But our friend would appreciate so much as we show our sympathy towards them. If it too hard for you, do the least thing that you can do by spreading some thoughtfulness words saying that they can do and go for it. Of course, please never say something that would make them down. It would make you a really bad person if you not realise about it.

To my dearer, I know that you are strong and capable to face all the obstacles in front of you. Don't listen to them. Show to them that you can do much much better and be successfull in your field. Remember that Allah is always be with you. Never give up ok!

remember this..

p/s: to miss choco taurusz thanks for always standing right beside me..may allah bless you dearie..


choco_taurusz said...

ur welkem...
i'll always be by urside in any circumstances...
i'll be glad if u hv entg to share wit me...
and i'll be sad if u do hv prob, bt u dont tell me...ok..??

husna tawfiq said...

same goes to you my dear..
its quite weird as u didnt say much bout ur prob,.or maybe u can handle it by urself..hehe..not for me la..u wud be da 1st victim to hear ma stories..tq..

Ruhul Jadid (روح الجديد) said...

this religion..this deen..it began as a strangers (saya'uudu lighariiban), and it will return again as a strangers (fatuuba lighurabaa').

So welcome to the world of the stranger..we are the stranger..people always look a stranger as someone that cant be followed and cant be trusted..

Even when Prophet p.b.u.h. spread the da'wa openly at Mecca..they (Quraisy) said that the Prohet p.b.u.h. said sumthing strange..