08 May 2011

Old Woman

 Bismillahi as-salaatu was-salaamu a'la Rasoolillah

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Have you notice that yesterday people in FB were being so actively and excitingly updating themselves by changing pictures, updating status and posting videos? 
Well duhh Husna, dont you know it was Mothers Day yesterday?
Uh huh. So that's why people being so expressfully saying that they love their mother to show their love towards them? It was good then, hmm.. ok.. It was just Ok lah for me

Dear brothers and sisters, everyday is a Mothers Day right? ^^

That's why I am saying its Ok lah to celebrate Mothers Day. Though I'm not sure the true story behind this day we celebrating.

Instead of posting our love towards them for a specific day, we should say it every day.
Then, express your love towards them endlessly everyday by praying to Allah to forgive our parents sins and blessed them eternally. 
If currently you are not living with them, do call them always. At least once a week. Do let them know bout your life and do ask them to take care of their health. 
Well, I dont have to tell you  guys what to do. I know each and everybody is trying his/her best being anak soleh and solehah right? Good luck then!

As for this post, I would love to tell you about Moroccans Mom. 
  • They know how to cook well. Kuskus, Tajine, Bread you just name it.
  • They are the best cleaner. The house and compound would be their territory. 
  • They non-stoply bargain for cheap prices only. Thats why only men are working as sellers in here.

These criterias are just like your moms? Well, thats what Moms do best. =D

               Each and everytime I've been invited to my friend's house here to eat kuskus, the first person that I search for would be their mothers. Eventhough sometime they would call each others by their name, still I would call their mother as Mama. In Malaysia, we respect the older women by calling them Puan or Mak Cik right?. But in here everything is just totally different as they cormfortably calling each others by their name and its literally AWKWARD. Seriously.

My times spent with Moms in Morocco.

Mom carrying baby on her back - everyday - in streets - market - bus station - bus - 

on my way going to school. they are actively jogging. pop! reminded me of ummi.

My friends Mom 
My own friend is a mom

 Its almost seem impossible just for me to call somebody that is older than me by their name, it just a no way for me. Well yeah, you wouldn't be labelled as a rude or unmannered girl because its a norm. I am studying with a mother of two boys, while my friends of mine has a friend which is a Grandmother of three. Surprisingly huh? The education system here in Morocco for University level is very open. Now everybody in every walks of life can get a degree just like the Open University we had in Malaysia. But its implied and practiced by all university in here.

         So how am I showing my respect to the older woman here? We can call them "Hajjah" if she is like your grandmother, Then, you can just call them "Lala", "Kholati" or simply "Mama" if the women around you are just like your mom and your aunts. Or you can call them "Ustazah" just like my two friends in class who work as teachers in school. 

            Basically when we live in a society, we are meeting people from all walks of life. The respect, seniority and pride of a person would be as important as ours. Our Prophet Mohammed S.A.W would be the best example on how to deal with respect and honor. 

         This is a true story from a hadith. The talker in the story is an old woman talking to a stranger. But she does not know that he is Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). When she learns that the man is our Prophet (pbuh), she embraces Islam because of his good character.

        The Prophet (pbuh) offered to help this woman, and all she does throughout their encounter is to mock and malign the Prophet (pbuh). Yet, he says nothing. He continues to help the woman with her load. He does not lash back at her; he does not pray for God's destruction upon her; he does not drop her stuff and let her fend for herself. No. He helps the woman anyway, and when she finds out who he is, all she could do was follow him into Islam.

           Yet, the fact that she became Muslim is not the most important aspect of this story. It was the Prophet's character thats amazing the most. It is this aspect of the Prophet's sunnah that many of us have completely neglected.

* * *
Dear brothers and sisters, a random babbling and brief reminder for you and especially for me in practicing the Prophet's sunnah. 


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Admire him so much!!!
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yes, indeed..:)
we'll be forever in love with him..
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