07 March 2009

Karnival MARA~

Salam to all,.
To day I went out again with my lovely friend, Hajar. Somehow, we were wearing the same colour of shirts. Green.

We went to Kuantan Parade as the Karnival Of Mara Zon Timur was held there.

The same environment and pictures just like in UMP. But this carnival was basically about furthering study using scholarships from MARA either studying in local or oversea. From my point of view, those who love to further their study especially in engineering, can take MARA’s scholarship. That is my view on that. But the reality check is, everyone who has got a flying colours in their results, they can choose anything. Unfortunately for me, there are none scholarship offered that can help in me and my friends to further study in Arabic Language. Nevertheless, I really really hope that I’ll get a flying colours result. Insya Allah when we have straight A’s in our hand, the path becomes more easier to walk through.

Other than that, this carnival has successfully gave something. Alhamdulillah, finally I have found a scholarship for me. Guess what??. When we went to IKIP’s booth, a man came to me, he asked me whether I’m taking Arabic language or not. I said yes. There is an offer staying in IKIP for 2 years in syariah (economic and Islamic banking) and furthering study in University of Yarmouk. But then, it is on economic and financial thingy. So, I used this chance to ask him. What if I do not want to study in IKIP but then I would love to have the scholarship from Yayasan Pahang??. He said, you better go and apply for it. At last, I’ve found a tiny-minny chance for me. I think every states will their have their own yayasan right? So, better if we go there and ask them about that. Plus, to get easier, I think better if we call them first and make a clear clarify about all the scholarship offered. Insya Allah, everything will be fine as we were born in our state kan?. They will not let us down.

Not to forget MARA and JPA scholarship taw!.

I believe and pray to Allah for our success. Have faith in Him. Insya Allah, we have done our very best in SPM. With do’a, efforts, tawakkal and more do’a. He will always gives the best for us. wassalam..


Firas said...

bestnye korg
boleh mntak mane2

ak da terikat dgn uia
kalo ak kuar awal cam senior2 dulu,
skola gak kene blacklist.
haih tinggalla dak sorg ni kt universiti tempatan sambil melihat dak2 skolanye fly ke sana sini

husna said...

to firas..
klu da terikat lg2 la bagos..
sume org dok ckp psl dq..
ktorg pasrah je..
ish..rabyah kluar ke wey??
insya allah, ak g uia gak nnt..
jmp la kte kat sana..