27 March 2009

tonight is the night~

sorry iejan..i will continue my tag later ok..

27th march 2009, we will have the final and the ultimate of all time. haha. the certificate giving ceremony will be held in ms garden at 8.15 pm..

guess what..

besides singing the song for gaza
"we will not go down"

infront of 100++ people..
madam gave me new task!!

story telling infront of everybody maa..
from the Goodnight Stories From Quran..


i will story telling The Story Of Prophet Nuh a.s
"The Ark & The Great Flood"

cant imagine how.
not only lacking of practice for the song.
im soo not ready for the story telling..

eventhough ive been in syarahan bahasa arab..
but i left it for ages..
hopefully i could make it greatly tonight..
insya allah..

pray for me k~


Anonymous said...

oke husna.
gud luck oke!
all da bez.(:

fieqa said...

salam..all the best gak..ader ape senanya nie..awak masuk ape..

nadya said...

wah..story telling!beshnyer..
gudluck yer!

husna said...

tanx2..alhamdulillah..ok jek

~kak fieqa
akk ad majlis kt ms garden hotel..
and ive got to present a story of the prophet nuh a.s

tgn bapak sejuk pas siap present..