21 April 2009

attention to all sasic graduates~

its been quite sometime since the last post ..
almost 2 days left for my lucky friends go to SASIC for their certificate giving ceremony..
i wish all of them could make it there on time wearing their golden* batik along..
it must be surely grand i think..
of course la.. according to puan aumi..
all of them will have to wear special robe bought specially for them..
its my dream actually having myself at SASIC watching all of my friends having their great time..
meeting back all the teachers and juniors..
looking and viewing the new SASIC as the last time its only a while ive been there..
ooh.. but then, it seemed that i couldnt manage to do so..
it quite sad, but then i have to be rational..
even my umi tried to console me as she knows how deeply i am wanted to go there..
yeah, i know im not going to receive anything..
somehow, i really-really-really want to go though..
its ok my dear, i will have my friends that will send my regards to our beloved teachers and my juniors.. my f22 adekz..
its ok, once you've got the chance to fly somewhere (insya-allah) or you have some time..
you can go to SASIC at no time..

to all my dearie friends,
i know maybe its too early..
but then,
i wish all of you a safe journey to SASIC..
when you reached there..
send my regards to the teachers k..
say that we thanked them of all the efforts and hardship that they have to endured because of us
use up this opportunity to show them how grateful you are of being their students..
never forget their kindness towards you dearie, as they were like our own parents..
sacrifying time, love and money to raise us all..
may all of them will bless us..
may allah bless all of them..
and may allah bless all of us..
last but not least, may all of you have a safe journey back home..

p/s : do snap a lots and lots and lots of pictures taw!


Saifullah [SwordOfAllah] said...

insyaAllah ak smpekn salam dak2 yg x dtg MAK nih,
btw, ur nglish is very good lohh!

dilasolace said...

Hus, sorry for messing up the plan...

Really2 sorry..
Insyaallah aku kimkan salam ko ye...

husna said...


haa.. bagos2..
eng?? haha..
tu benefit g klas eng..


dilah.. its soo not u messing up the plans..

amiR muJahiD said...

husna,kita serupa.....
nak gi jugak...
tp x layak...
redha jer...

btw,doakan aku i/v MARA 27/4 ni tau...
kalo ader tips2,share la ek...

husna said...


ak teringt lagu "redha" yg korg nyanyi tu la!!

wah2..tahniah ea dpt i/v..
nmpk sgt rezki tuh tak kemana,
cuma lambat atau cepat je..
tahniah agy skali!
nk tips??

wanie r said...

salam..oit una..
jgn la sdh..klu hg sde ak g sde...
hg online x ym??
ak nk tya hg something......

~nazierah~ said...

una..org pn xdpr p taw..sedih sgt2..kalau kt skul lame nih..konfem2 leh naik pentas..

tpi xpe la...
redha kan...